During our recent travels to Australia, we met up with Sydney-based model Christina Dietz and Design Director Nick Thomm,  the creative minds behind quarterly fashion publication SRC783.  We respect their design-minded, subjective approach to fashion editorial and use of unique content, which encourages original style and leaves room open for interpretation.

SRC783 is a pretty out there name, where did that come from?
Nick Thomm:  It’s actually the license plate of Chrissy’s car.

Who is behind the publication/background of each person as relates to the magazine?
Thomm:  We both work on the overall creative direction of the magazine. Chrissy focuses on the fashion editorials and styling, and I do all the artwork/design, as well as parts of the photography.

Can you tell me a little bit about your creative process/where you look for design inspiration?
Thomm:  A lot of it just comes from the combination of both of our styles. We often just come up with random ideas and bounce them off each other. If we both like something it will end up in the mag.

Print is becoming such a rarity these days with so many online publications over saturating the market, what made you guys want to jump into the print world?
Thomm:  Both of us had always wanted to do a print mag and we had a similar vision for how it should work. With so many other mags dying or going out of print, it seemed like the perfect time to start one.

The book seems to have a pretty psychedelic approach with appreciation for clean design detail. Where do you derive the influence for the magazine’s aesthetic? 
Thomm:  In someways this is just something that happened naturally. Both of our styles are similar, but come from totally different places. It’s that mix of art and fashion, with an understanding of what makes good design. We never set out to be psychedelic or anything, but if you look at both of our personal work you can see where those ideas come from.

I think a major allure of the magazine is the styling. Can you tell me a bit about the influence/background that goes into the editorials and costume design? 
Thomm:  The styling is influenced a lot by music and fashion throughout the 70′s and 90′s. SRC783 is a style guide to broaden your ideas about fashion rather than following current trends. Most of the clothing used in the magazine is either vintage or not in season.

With only your second issue, you guys are already featuring some popular faces in your editorials, how did that come about?
Thomm:  This all happened through friends and people we know. We are super lucky to have them involved, and it’s been so cool to see so many people wanting to be part of something new!

Each book ends with a powerful sign off accompanied by a picture of a youth icon (Leonardo DiCaprio in issue zero/River Phoenix in issue one), can you tell me why you guys chose this as a way to end each issue?
Thomm:  For Issue One Chrissy wanted to do some movie collages in the mag. We both agreed on using Leo, and then Nick made the super pixellated graphic of Leo. It felt like the perfect end to the mag, so we decided to do it again for the next issue.

You guys are both involved in several different projects other than the magazine, can you both separately list those for me?
Thomm:  Chrissy works as a stylist and models for Chadwicks. I works as an artist and founded the The Drop – a design studio in Melbourne, Australia and is part of new label/store, Mercy-Merci.

I think the average consumer figures that most publications would come out of NY/LA, what are some benefits of having your roots planted in Australia?
Thomm:  It’s good, everyone is super supportive, but in some ways it makes it harder, there are less people to reach out to and collaborate with here, just because the scene is so much smaller.

What are your favorite highlights from the first two issues? 
Christina Dietz:  Shooting my best friend Rhia as David Bowie for issue one!
Thomm: Maybe shooting Bambi for the cover of Issue One!

Name three people you would love to collaborate with?
Dietz:  Neil Young, Iggy Pop, and I can’t think of anyone else now.
Thomm: Henrik Vibskov, Romain Gavras and too many dead people.

As the book continues to evolve, what can we expect to see in the up coming issues?
Thomm:  More interviews and features, more craziness, less spelling errors!


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