The lure of a labyrinth design is a bewildering array of architecture in which there is only one entrance and exit and no intersection of paths with a directional choice.  The false feeling of direction and delusion evokes a dark, confining effect on the subconscious. Chapter’s Spring/Summer 2015 LABYRINTH collection incorporates architectural design inspired by a feeling of constriction that evolves into functionality:  straps, rope suspenders, zippers and adjustable inseams.  Line drawings of mazes are reworked into embroidery and large-scale patch application.  To keep the onlooker fixated, the removal of natural seam lines, distortion of shapes and angular paneling result in new takes on classic silhouettes. To bring the interpretation of LABYRINTH to life visually, large, geometrical metal frame structures were immersed into a vast backdrop of desolation.  The design then further evolved through the placement of these unnatural shapes and the pathways created, engaging the maze of thought and a level of disorientation and awe designed to live on in the mind.